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Sarpej (Shar Pei)
Sarpej is race social and service dogs, went outside the house in China.
Shar Pei, Chinese Fighting bandog
First allusion about sarpejich coincide since 206 before n.l. – of the year 220 our era – dogs similar sarpejum were displayed on skillful part epoch house Chan. According to all probability were given to the Tibetu before 20 centenary, where derive benefit from their combat feature. Race sarpeju – is result crossing Norse race Chinese dogs with dogovitymi. Sarpejove have sooty mould- blue language, characteristic of chow. Tito dogs were very favourite in China as far as by the year 1947. After promulgation communistic governments was on possession dogs established disproportionate assessment and sarpej got on limits extinction. Owner Matgo Lo managed bring out several dogs to the Hongkongu thereby renew race, which is now confession FCI, AKC, UKC, KCGB, ANKC.
Sarpej – nobly jerry - built, very beautiful, harmonic dog. Stature substantial. Form square. Characteristic special is it, that cheekbone sometimes they may surpass volume, which often portrayals witty wrinkles, however largely averting injury. Head is substantial, grande, due care sizes bodies. Forehead is wide, crossing from forehead on nozzle is slight. Ears are tiny, inflexed forward, shaped rectangular triangle, pendulous and substantially adjacent to head. Nozzle is wide, blunt, with big number wrinkles on faces. Lips are heavy, slouch. Trillers high incurvate. Tail is perched very high up, near base round and thick, to tip constrictive.
In tap 44 - 51cm.
18 - 29,5 kg
Hair is short, substantially adjacent to body. Self - confessed colour: blonde, creamy, devil's food cake, black ball or red, however largely must be monochromatic.
Sarpej is worthy, clever, snuggling dog, sarpej neprivazuje to owner, since is proud, independent and independent. Sarpej tremendous tunes with all members families, is perfect wrangler and company.
FCI II. - Pincove and schnauzer, molossoidni