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Dalmatin (Dalmatinac, Dalmatian)
Dalmatin is unselfish and friendly dog. Isn't shy or hesitant, nor nervy or incursive. Is curious at it, what around him action. To his family is very snuggling.
angl.: Dalmatian; nip.: Dalmatin

Dalmatin is race, which to the of our presents come from long past depths age. Dalmatin has up to the present day obscure origin, which for the present consists only on suppositions. Z illustration detected in ancient vaults faros and similar paintings given to the period 16. as far as 18. century, can be hope or suppose, that Dalmatin there has been already 1000 years. Church chronicle from 14. century and from of the year 1719 for a certainty after - concerning, that Dalmatin has its origin in Stredozemi and especially in the surrounding Dalmatian coast. Former illustration racial we can find on picture Italian painters from 16. century and on frescos in Zaostrogu in Dalmatia, which may be given approximately by the year 1710. Work writing Thomasem Bewickem, publicize in the year 1792 describes drawing and description Dalmatina, whose Bewick refers to coach varnish dogs. In 18. century then were in large Britain very popular. Runed before coachs and liberated them way. In the year 1959 was in studio Walta Disneye wind film „ 101 coach dog". By Dalmatin got big popularity. First standard for Dalmatina was written anglicanem in the name of Vero Shaw in the year 1882. In the year 1890 was this standard transferred to the official racial standard. Race was confession FCI, AKC, KCGB, CKC, ANKC.
Dalmatin is social and family dog, that is of fit for educated to different purpose.
It's good well - balanced, espressivo spotted, strong, sinewy and active dog. In lines is symmetrical, isn't thunderous nor coarse, former kocarovy dog, able big tenacity, pertinacity and rate. Longitude bodies is in proportion to his altitude in tap 10:9. longitude crania is in proportion to longitude his snout 1:1.
Head has seemly long. Skull has flat, among ears widish, well defined sleeps, with slight frontal furrow, quite creaseless. Leather nose is near nigritude dotted variants always black ball, near livery dotted variants is always brown. Snout is long, strong, will never as it were „ cutaway". Nasal bridge is straight and parallel to upper line crania. Lips are clean, well clingy, no slouch. Eyes has perched enough asunder, are middle - sized, rounded, catch it, with sparkling, intelligent and wary expression. U sooty mould dotted dogs are darkly brown, near livery minus dogs are hazel. Eye lines are near sooty mould dotted dogs black, near livery dotted dogs are livery brown. Ears has perched enough high up, gently bigger, near base rather wider, are slouch near head, step by step narrow to round point. Neck has extended, nicely arched, towards head narrows. Back has strong and well - balanced, with well defined tap. Chest is not very wide, however deep and spacious, she should reach to elbows. Sides has narrow. Abdomen is towards shoulders clearly succinct. Tail is near base strong, direction to end narrows, isn't perched nor too, flat, nor high up, notching approximately to hocks, quiet is attached slouch, with last thirds slightly torqued HSFG bolt up. Forelimb are to perfection straight. Shoulders has gently oblique, clean and sinewy. Elbows has close to bodies. Botty has round, clean and sinewy. Pad are round, compact, with well arched fingers, ink - pads has round and flexible expense. Drapky are near sooty mould dotted dogs black or whites, near livery dotted dogs are brown or whites. Movement is all - fired free, walking is strong, smooth, rhythmically action, with long steps.
Dog has in tap 56 as far as 61 cm.
Bitch has in tap 54 as far as 59 cm.
Dog scales approximately 27 as far as 32 kg.
Bitch scales approximately 24 as far as 29 kg.
Dalmatin has short, dense, hard and refined hair. Basic colouring is dead - white, sooty mould dotted variant is sigillate black maculae, livery dotted variant is sigillate brown maculae. Maculae nesetkavaji, are round, well defined and deployed as best it can be. Their size is approximately 2 as far as 3 cm. Maculae on head, tail and at the ends of are smaller, than on the rest bodies.
Dalmatin is unselfish and friendly dog. Isn't shy or hesitant, nor nervy or incursive. Good wrangler, or protectionist from him then will not. In company people feels much well, is curious at it, what around him action. To his family is very snuggling. Loves children and his mister is very attached.
Dalmatin has hair, which all the year round lazy. Therefore is regularly already of his bodies export rubber rubbing gloves. Dalmatin needs sufficient number regular movement and long walks. Sometimes him take control of and clean auricles and auditory passage. Otherwise unnecessarily no special diligence.
Dalmatin on the average doziva 12 as far as 14 years.
Hunting and kocarovy dog.
FCI VI. - Honici, bloodhound and relation race.
Branch 3 – Honici – relation race.
Without working examination.
153/ 14. 04. 1999 (Great Britain