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 Sleuth (Dobermann, Doberman)
Sleuth is popular race excellent wranglers and obranaru.
Dobermann, sleuth Pinscher
Race was went outside the house in Germany, in town Anolda, in intumescence areas at the end 19. century. Of his went outside the house deserved L. Doberman, tax - gatherer and owner shelter for dogs. Projezdil whole provincial and sought fit dogs for crossing, to you-do credit fit race wranglers and obranaru. It him with the help of friends managed. Like base was taken incursive and wary German pin and to him was added blood Rotvailera, perhaps and Manchesterskeho black and tan, as well as perhaps English greyhound. At short notice him managed you-do credit dog according to his images.
Race service. Second title is sleuth Pinscher. Race sleuth is timely for police, watch and military service. To the by other states was sleuth bring in year 1902.
Dog is compact, strong, sinewy, good wrangler and attacker. Head is long with flat crown. Line vertices and nose is in same level. U nigritude- burnt dogs used to be snout black, near of others is in tone colours hair. Chest is bulky, word square mature, sinewy, abdomen is indrawn, back direct. Paw bulky, compact, concurrently built. Tail is hard - set in level back. Sleuth is popular race.
Dog has in tap 68 as far as 72 cm.
Bitch has in tap 63 as far as 68 cm.
U dogs 40 as far as 45 kg.
U bitch 32 as far as 35 kg.
Hair is short, smooth, hard, closely adjacent to body. Coloured variety: black ball, brown, blue, blonde with rusty insignia above eyes, on nose, throat and tail.
Excels wariness and gaminess, is excellent wrangler and obranar. Turn is sleuth peaceable, friendly, en famille very snuggling and fond children. Will take kindly however only to members families his mister.
Short hair needs only minimum care, but questionable is breeding sleuths in cool environment, is necessary him keep in warmly and under cover.
FCI II. - Pincove and schnauzer, molossoidni.
Branch 1: Pincove and schnauzer with working examination.